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A Live, Video Creation Bootcamp with Elise Darma

In 3 actionable days, learn my 3-step process to make short-form videos that turn into SALES.

I'll be hands-on with you as we kickstart your video creation strategy so that your short videos bring in actual leads, customers and sales.

By the end, you'll walk away with 3 videos ready to be published.

PLUS: bootcampers can win *PRIZES* valued at over $900 USD

Whether You've Been In Business For 10 Years Or 10 Minutes,

Being On Video Means...

Social media algorithms putting your content in front of your target audience – for free.

Unprecedented, rapid brand growth that hasn't been available since 2012 – all for free.

Getting real leads and qualified followers to your business, who turn into SALES – for free.


You May Be Stuck On These Very REAL Problems:

  • "It feels like the 'cool kids' will judge whatever I do."

  • "I'd feel silly dancing or acting."

  • ​ "I don't want to be the ~main character~... I want to be background!"

  • "Filming is one thing, but editing and adding text? SO much work."

  • ​ "These apps are constantly changing, and I can't keep up."

These 👆 are real quotes from real business owners like yourself – who are DONE feeling behind, and are ready to get more sales from short videos.

There's good news...

One Video Can Turn Into 3 Great Months... Like For Kim

"I felt like for someone who had a block when it came to doing reels, it was the perfect speed. I moved the needle every day and I walked away with 2 reels completely done. I felt way more confident doing them going forward.

As a bonus note - the conversation reel that you had us do actually went viral for me, so I was very glad I did it as that led to a huge influx of followers and clients.

October to December were great months!"

- Kim Heintz, Health Coach

The 3-Day Bootcamp Is For You If You've Ever Sold Something As A:


Health, life, business, relationship coach – or in person or online – you name it, this bootcamp is for you.

Service Provider

From freelancers and agencies, to in-person businesses like real estate agents, nail salons and doctors.

Product Brand

Including physical products you sell in your shop or Etsy store, AND digital e-products like online courses.

...Who Wants To Sell MORE Through Video Because:

  • 54% of people want to see more video content from a brand (HubSpot 2018).

  • ​​ Videos create likability and trust, allowing you to sell more by doing less.

After The Bootcamp, You'll Walk Away With:

  • The entire video creation process the Elise Darma team uses (that you can keep and use long after the bootcamp)

  • 3 videos ready to publish, specifically designed to lock in sales

  • ​​Step-by-step instructions & examples on how to make each video

  • ​3 days of trainings by Elise Darma

  • ​​A full 10 days of support from the Elise Darma team so you can implement the trainings

  • Prizes (valued at $900+) for getting results from your videos

(Take A Spin! 3 Days Of Trainings Plus SO Much More For Only $22)

Plus, There Are PRIZES

If You Love Friendly Competition (With Yourself), You'll Love This...

At the end of the 3 training days, you'll have 3 videos ready to publish. If any of your published videos bring in SALES to your business (that you can prove with a screenshot, DM, email or any communication that connects your video back to the sale)....

Then you'll qualify to win one of 3 amazing prizes:

1st place: Osmo Pocket 3 Creator Combo (Value $700 USD)

2nd place: Rode Wireless GO II Wireless Mic (Value $150 USD)

3rd place: Pocket RGB Camera Light (Value $70 USD)

This friendly competition is for those who love accountability. Side effects may include:

Showing up everyday

Getting your videos published

And seeing sales back to your business.

I want to reward those who SHOW UP and do the work, so if you're especially jazzed for this "Competition Edition" of the Reel Of Fortune Bootcamp, join us inside today!

Block Your Calendar...

Here's What To Expect March 15 - 21


(3 Trainings + Prizes + Accountability? Only $22)

"But Wait, There's More!"

Bonus #1: You Get A Free Content Drop Filled With 5 Video Ideas

($97 Value)

Get this 8-page Google doc filled with video ideas, example links, and caption templates. Winning!

...And it comes pre-populated with 5 proven short-form video ideas that I've made and truthfully, any business owner can make!

These ideas won't leave you hanging, either. Each video idea comes with example links (so you can see exactly what to create), adaptations so coaches, service businesses and product brands can make the idea work for their niche, and a caption template.

You get all this 👆 TIMES FIVE. This value-packed bonus is only available to those who join the 3-day bootcamp, so save your spot!

Bonus #2: Affordable Filming Tools Checklist

($47 Value)

Totally optional, but using this equipment could turn your videos from meh to scroll-stopping.

Get yourself fully ready for this bootcamp experience with all the affordable video tools you can use to make high-quality, short-form video.

To be clear: this equipment is optional. But it's an affordable way to elevate the production value of your videos in a pinch. Plus, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at what filming equipment I use!

So if you've ever wanted to know which exact mic I use for clear audio in my Reels, or how I get my phone to stick to windows, or which camera I use... this 4-page bonus is for you.

Bonus #3: Step-By-Step Training Workbook

($47 Value)

Stay on top of the 3 trainings, as well as your action steps, so you can implement and create your videos right away.

Training is one thing... implementation is EVERYTHING.

I don't want the information you get inside the bootcamp to be forgotten, so I've put together a training workbook that covers each day of the bootcamp so you'll be able to see your progress and know your next step.

No more wondering what you should do next or how I did it.

Cross those to-dos off your list as your video creation process becomes smooth like butter.

Bonus #4: Motivating and Block-Crushing Mindset Chats with Elise

($47 Value)

Meet me every morning for a bonus mindset chat? I promise, these chats will shift some of your perspectives... so you get the most out of this bootcamp experience.

I've run bootcamps like this in the past, and without question, the most underrated aspect of transforming your business doesn't come from the tactical strategy...

It comes from what's going on inside your head.

I'll be uncovering ways you may be holding yourself back (even unconsciously) that prevent your business from being seen and found by your target customers.

Meet me every morning at 10:00am ET inside our exclusive Facebook group just for bootcampers, to get that gentle boost you need before getting into the tactics.

In Total, When You Join The Bootcamp, You'll Get:

  • Training Day #1: Planning ($97 Value)

  • ​​Training Day #2: Filming ($97 Value)

  • Training Day #3: Editing ($97 Value)

  • 10 Days with the Elise Darma Team ($97 Value)

  • BONUS: Content Drop With 5 Ideas ($97 Value)

  • BONUS: Affordable Filming Tools ($47 Value)

  • BONUS: Step-By-Step Workbook ($47 Value)

  • BONUS: Mindset Chats & Private Group ($47 Value)

Snag Over $626 In Value



(Take A Spin! 3 Days Of Trainings Plus SO Much More For Only $22)

Join The Bootcamp Risk-Free!

I want you to be thrilled with your bootcamp experience.

So much so, that I'm putting a guarantee behind it.

If, after day one, you feel like you're not getting the value that you invested, we will happily refund you.

All you have to do is email by 8:59am ET on March 19th.

Considering what I have in store, I don't think you'll need to (wink)... but know that it's an option you have in your back pocket.

Don't Wait Any Longer

The Reel Of Fortune Bootcamp Begins Soon!

See What Other Business Owners Have Achieved By Creating Videos

(Take A Spin! 3 Days Of Trainings Plus SO Much More For Only $22)

"Oh Hey There!"

I'm Your Reel Of Fortune Host, Elise Darma

I'm Your Host, Elise Darma

Elise Darma

- 8-Figure Entrepreneur, 10 Years' Experience

When I'm not busy being an introvert, I'm tapping into my Second City improv skills to teach my fellow business owners how E-A-S-Y short videos can actually be (I'm talking the kind that get sales and don't require memorizing dance routines).

Last I counted, I've garnered over 11.5 million views with just over 224 short-form videos.

(And those ^ organic views turned into over $165,000 back to my biz.)

I'm known for helping not-so-Insta-famous business people make REAL revenue directly from the free app – 30,000 students and counting!

My no-fluff teaching style can be found in features by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, Later, and Teachable.

Your Questions About The Bootcamp... Answered.

“How do I know this is right for me?"

Simple. Have you made sales from your short-form videos yet? If so, do you want more? Then the bootcamp is for you. Or are you just overwhelmed with video creation and need that step-by-step strategy and guidance? Then the bootcamp is also for you!

“Why is this so affordable?"

I'm all about keeping things economical and impactful for my students. And I KNOW there's way more value in this bootcamp than $22... I mean, one of your videos could result in a new customer, and wouldn't that be worth it? There's a $22 registration because I want only those who are serious about their video marketing to make the commitment, show up, and do the work. You'll be in good company.

“When are the 3 trainings?"

I get it... you want to make sure you're available for the trainings before you sign up. I like your planning! They happen March 18th to 20th each day at 11am ET. Plus, you'll have immediate access to the replays until March 29th. So come!

“What if I'm not available at 11am ET each day?"

No problem at all. You don't have to catch the trainings and mindset chats immediately as you'll have access to the full replays until March 29th.

“What will I actually get from this bootcamp?"

You'll walk away with 3 videos for your business filmed, edited and published during the 3-day bootcamp. Videos are the best way to grow your audience organically today. Plus, what you create and learn can be published on Reels, TikTok, Shorts & Idea Pins.

“What’s new about this bootcamp?"

Unlike prior challenges that have happened in the past, this bootcamp will be a more intimate experience with business owners only. It's also a more compact but efficient experience, spread out over 3 days of training, and 10 days with the Elise Darma team). There are new video ideas, new prizes and a bootcamp-only competition... IT'S GONNA BE GOOD.

“I already have the Vaults. Is the bootcamp similar?"

What you get in the bootcamp is not found in any of the Vaults. The Vaults are banks of done-for-you ideas, where the bootcamp focuses more on the overall process to make videos in your business efficiently. Plus, we’ll make 3 videos together.

"Is there a money-back guarantee?"

I want you to be thrilled with your bootcamp experience. If, after day one, you feel like you're not getting the value that you invested, we will happily refund you. All you have to do is email by 8:59am ET on March 19th.

A Life-Changing 3 Days

What If Every Video Brought In Sales?

"I don’t have one that’s bringing in sales, but rather Every. Single. One.

I know that because as my views are increasing, my sales are too which is wild because summer is generally a slower sales season for me.

My husband and I went through the data last night and without a doubt, it points to the reels we’ve been creating!!!"

- Sarah Barnett, Educator

(Take A Spin! 3 Days Of Actionable Trainings For Only $22)

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