Are You Ready to Join an INDOOR Katy Texas Fitness Boot Camp Program that Literally Torches Unwanted Fat While Toning and Tightening Your Body? Try one week for free, beginner friendly.

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You don’t have to spend endless hours at the gym, give ROF Boot Camp, just 1 Week and you will lose up to 5 pounds and 2 inches of fat! Take advantage of our FREE week and give Katy’s Best Fitness Boot Camp a try.



Well, finally… there IS an indoor fitness boot camp in Katy Texas designed specifically for people just like you. It’s like P90X on Steroids!…AND it’s beginner friendly!

Here are just a few of the benefits of ROF Boot Camp                                                                                 

    • Your cardio and metabolism will go through the roof
    • Heavy emphasis on the 3 A’s…. Abs, Arms and A**
    • Build sleek muscle tone, without building bulky muscles
    • Almost instant weight loss and improved appearance
    • More energy for your work and private life
    • Core, Core, Core….develop a rock solid core
    • Surround yourself with a positive, hardworking group of new friends (we are a family! This is not your local LA Fitness)
    • Personal guidance from your coach
    • Dietary and nutritional information and knowledge to last a lifetime.
    • Developing unshakable confidence and self-image
    • Being part of the #1 team in the Houston area!!!
    • A fun and healthy hobby ; physically, mentally and emotionally
    • Relieve stress while releasing the “feel good, happy” endorphins throughout your body
    • You’ll take a “mini” vacation every workout
    • And the list goes on and on 




Remember This Is Beginner Friendly!



I will show you how to work  our awesome fitness program at a pace you can handle. Each week we increase it a little more. The key is consistency, not coming out and killing yourself in the first week. You will get in shape, just not in the first week. I will promise you this, if you follow a few simple instructions and consistently come to class, you will be the person you always dreamed about. Space is limited, book your free week now! Fill out the form on the sidebar  to get started. Once classes are full,  you will be added to our waiting list.

ROF Boot Camp
3211 N. Fry Rd Katy, TX 77449
Doug Hazlewood